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"We live simply so that others might simply live."

Our Services for God

We aim to vouch for those who are not old enough to defend themselves, be the provider for those who can't provide yet, be an example to those who are looking up to others, and be a savior to those who are hurt, confused, depressed, homeless, or in need. We want to accomplish these things so that every child can meet the true savior of the world, Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God may be expanded.

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About Noah's Ark Children's Home

When Mack and Marilyn Locklear were 58 and 60 years old, all their friends were retiring and going on cruises. But the Lord gave the Locklears the desire of their hearts and allowed them to go to the mission field. They arrived in Jamaica in September 1996 with the purpose of spreading the faith of Christ to a lost and dying country. It turned out to be the most rewarding experience of their Christian walk with their Lord.

More than 21 years later, their ministry consists of a thriving church — Riverside Baptist — and Noah's Ark Children's Home. The home was established to meet the needs of children in difficult situations and lead them to Jesus Christ.

Children's Home 

Noah's Ark Children's Home Helping At-Risk Children in Jamaica

Together, we can create a better future for at-risk children in Jamaica. Noah's Ark Children's Home is a shelter for abandoned, orphaned, or abused children. Located in Martha Brae, Jamaica, we offer an array of quality assessment, treatment, counseling, and social services to meet the needs of each child- regardless of age or behavior. We strive to ensure a Christ-centered, family setting that creates a special, enriching environment for everyone.Our Children's Home in Jamaica


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